Courtier Millionaire- $5,000 To $120,000/ Month At 50% Net Margins

We Helped William From Courtier Millionaire Go From $5,000/ Month To $120,000 Month At 50%+ Net Margins In Just 4 Months By Positioning Him As An Expert Within A Saturated Market & Leveraging An Outbound Sales Team.

Background: William came in as a marketing agency owner struggling to generate clients because he would get the same old “I’ve heard this many times and I’m not interested” answer from his prospects. He was also reaching out to everyone who had a pulse and not attracting his dream clients.
The goal for William was to cross $100k/ Month in Revenue & Sustain 50%+ Net margins using an outbound sales team. This of course is our specialty so we set forth on building out his step by step action plan.

The Process:

As a consultancy focused on outbound sales teams, organic marketing and inside setters/closers, our clients have similar problems before scaling. Using our data points from successful offers for other clients, we often help them restructure their pitch and business to sustain maximum scale and margin. The first thing William leveraged was the expert advisor frameshift which transformed his done with you service into a hybrid done for you. (DFY marketing campaign but everything else consulting). This allowed for William to serve his market with what they wanted but also operate without much complexity. It also removed the pressure his clients put on him for results despite the fact that many of the clients actually are the problem. This is a very common problem for a lot of folks in the marketing agency space. This was actually the same approach we had already used for our own agency and our other marketing agency clients so it was a no brainer. The best part is that the clients end up getting better results in a consulting/ done with you model as opposed to a pure done for you.
The second step in the process was to dial in a niche which was bound to a geographic region. His offer would work anywhere across North America but by niching down in a particular geographic region (province of Canada), William was able to become one of the only options in his market.

That being said, we prefer that our clients are the only option and not “one of the only” so we helped William craft a sales argument which positioned him as the only person dedicated to solving a very particular problem. On top of this, his client avatar was affluent and not struggling with capital.

The next thing was to dial in outbound sales using automated outbound and end to end outbound methods. Once validated, William could replace himself with outbound sales representatives that would do the heavy lifting. With rising advertising costs and low margins for a lot of coaches, consultants and agency owners William knew that he needed to crack outbound.Within days he landed his first high ticket client whom he’s been working with on a profit share basis for some time now. Alongside this client, William serves a smaller group of a dozen or so clients across his province of Quebec, Canada and crushes it.

The Results: William is running a hyper profitable consulting program in the real estate niche doing 50%+ net margins using an outbound sales team. He intends on accumulating cash and scaling to 7 figures/ month.

Market: Consulting

Result: $5,000 to $120,000/ Month

Founder: William Fontaine, Courtier Millionaire