Vicolize - $5,000/Mo-$20,000/Mo 30 Days

Vico is currently running a hyper-profitable marketing agency and is generating clients using our organic 7 outbound sales methods.

State 1:
Struggled with packaging his offer that resonated with the market. Messaging was off.
State 2:
Scaled from $5000 per month to $20,000 per month within 30 days. Increased ticket price to over $6800 and built outbound sales team.

Vico approached us after seeing the success we were having with our online course. He mentioned how he kept seeing our retargeting ads for 2 years in a row which prompted him to reach out to us. Vico was already doing about $5,000 per month before working with us but had trouble positioning it in a way that it would be able to cut through the noise. Instead of figuring it out on his own, he partnered with us where we helped diagnose a bottleneck that would have otherwise costed him $27,200 and counting. We helped him reposition his offer and increase his price to $6,800 per unit. We helped him go from $5k per month to now doing $20k per month.

Market: Marketing Agency

Result: $5,000 - $20,000/ Mo In 30 Days

Founder: Vico Khang, Vicolize Online Consultant