Social Agent Blueprint- $0-$15,000/Mo In 30 Days

State 1: No knowledge around starting up a coaching program.
State 2: Took a brand new coaching offer to $15,000 per month within just 30 days.

John who is a rockstar agent in Vancouver with a 11,000 subscriber count Youtube channel and a podcast that’s been featured nationally. He approached us with no knowledge around starting an online real estate coaching business because he knew his income could skyrocket by applying his skillsets in the online consulting vehicle. He kept putting his coaching program on the back burner but jumped into creating his entire course area and infrastructure when he realized he needed to attract A-players to his real estate team. Each day he didn't take action towards launching his program, agents were paying other coaches and joining competitors teams. After realizing it was costing him too much to not scale his new coaching program, he’s been able to kill two birds with one stone. He made $15,000 and spoke with dozens of agents who also want to join to his real estate team within the first 30 days of launching. It just shows the many use cases of becoming an online coach. He is also an active real estate investor with several airbnb's and with the recent success of his coaching program helping realtors, he's thinking about getting into airbnb coaching as well.

Market: Surrey, BC

Result: 70 Appointments in 30 days

Founder: John Lee, Social Agent Blueprint