Sam Went From $0 To $60,000/ Month In Profit Within 8 Months Through Restructuring His Offer & Leveraging An Outbound Sales Team

Sam Came & Built The "Realtor Revenue Accelerator" Program And Took It From $0 To $60,000/ Month In Profit Within 8 Months Through Restructuring His Offer & Leveraging An Outbound Sales Team… This Too In A Hyper Saturated Niche & Also Being Able To Travel The World & Live Abroad.

"You changed my life man. Now I’m doing multiple 6 figures in my first year" - Sam Spijkerman

When Sam first came to Expert Advisor Secrets, he was just starting his journey as a marketing agency. Like most agencies, he was struggling with dialing in his offer therefore competing with other players and getting commoditized. Furthermore, his sales process was not defined and close rates were low. On top on of all this, Sam was working in a 1 to 1 setting with his clients which capped him at 10-12 clients max and a boatload of stress. From a client acquisition standpoint, Sam struggled with cracking paid advertising which was rising in costs due to rising CPM’s..After working with our team to reposition his offer and business to a done with you model, this allowed him to put his business in a place with very little operational complexity. Not only was this less stressful but it also allowed Sam to test different offers on the fly and not have to rework the entire back-end of his business. A lot of folks in this space struggle with margins on the front end. Although a business should not aim to have their front end as the only profit source, it does help with sanity. This is where Sam used our outbound sales methodology and built an outbound sales team which took his business to $60k/ month in profit. Now 60k/ month in profit is a lot for a business that allows the founder to travel many months of the year and live as a digital nomad but this wasn’t enough for Sam.How would that feel? Imagine making $60k/ month in profit and having it set up in a way where it allows you to do what you want to do on your terms?Now Sam continues to be in touch with us as a 1 on 1 private client... He’s now in the process of building the business to a point of “passive income” by completely delegating himself. He’s hiring CSM’s, sales team members and managers to build a true lifestyle business that spits out cash.

On our last weekly call together (recording above), Sam mentions he’s at $120,000 a month and basically almost removed completely from his business. He intends on scaling to multiple 6 figures a month with his program and doing so while remaining hyper profitable 70% profit margins.

How Did We Actually Do It?
We had to build out a client acquisition system that allowed for a hyper profitable business. Paid ads was something that we decided to hold off on as paid ads work better when you have some form of a backend offer in place. Since Sam was essentially in the same niche as ours (real estate), we installed all the systems he needed to get appointments coming in from organic and outbound marketing. He continues to use our organic facebook group strategy in conjunction with our outbound methods to book appointments at very low marketing costs. Outbound can seem like a slow burn in the beginning and can require a ton of testing so it took some time to get the flow coming in however with some tweaks to sales messaging and adding in tools like retargeting, Sam was able to crush.

Sam went from a brand new agency owner
to a million dollar expert advisor. Within just a few months he has a business that is enroute to spitting out a million dollars a year in net profit. This is all while being able to travel the world and enjoy life.

Market: Consulting

Result: $0-$60,000 Month In Profit In 8 Months

Founder: Sam Spijkerman, Realtor Revenue Accelerator