Real Estate Connect- $0-$10,000/Mo 3 Months

Jesse is a rockstar real estate agent who is currently coaching other real estate agents on growing their business online. He's also using his coaching program to build his downline at his brokerage which is a prime example of one of the many use cases of becoming a coach.

State 1:
Very busy with his real estate business. Very inconsistent with his consultancy. No accountability towards income producing activities.

State 2:
Took a brand new offer to $10,000 per month in profit within 3 months.

Jesse approached us as a very busy real estate agent who found it very difficult to make time to build an online course. He understood the potential and impact an online course can have on his business/income but he never found the "perfect time". He found himself putting 7 days a week in his real estate business and had to convince himself to take action. He eventually joined our program and is now making a great profit on the frontend and as a bonus, building his downline with his real estate brokerage. He’s actively selling real estate and running his coaching program on the side helping other realtors. In the beginning it was difficult which is the case with doing anything new but he’s currently finding a good balance between the two. He’s doing about $10k per month and working with his dream clients.

Market: Consulting

Result: $0- $10,000 In 3 Months

Founder: Jesse Rayski, Real Estate Connect