P.R.E.B - $0-$12,000/Mo in Profit 4 Months

Clint Liang is a real estate coach servicing the Vancouver market that helps real estate professionals double their income within 90 days.

State 1:
Had no clear offer with a clear value proposition. Struggling to get clients. Sales process was not aligned to prospects desires.
State 2:
Took a brand new offer to $12,000 per month in profit within 4 months.

Clint Liang is a real estate business consultant that helps real estate agents double their commissions within 90 days. Clint, who is not a licensed agent, felt as if he wasn’t good enough and suffered with imposter syndrome. He believed that he wouldn’t be able to coach agents since he hasn’t really "done it himself". He lacked confidence and belief in himself despite possessing skill sets. He did however understand the benefit of starting an online course business. He reached out to us and we helped him come up with an offer based on his experience and background in marketing that can be applied to real estate. It was an epiphany moment because he realized he doesn’t need to be a top producing real estate agent or featured in Forbes to be able to coach. He has a specific skill set which is now earning him $12,000 per month in profit. Clint is very grateful for the time he's able to spend with his wife because of his online real estate course.

Market: Coaching

Result: $12,000/ Month Profit 4 Months

Founder: Clint Liang, P.R.E.B