Famehackers - $12,000/ Week In 30 Days

Isabella is a music business consultant that came to us struggling to get clients for her consultancy. She needed to have a predictable method of generating appointments and closing deals so she could scale.

State 1:
Sales process undefined. No clear offer in place. Market- message match not resonating with audience.
State 2:
Offer restructured, outbound and organic methods installed and sales process dialled in. 12k in cash collected within first month.


Isabella came to us after hearing about our story through our open facebook group. Like most coaches and agencies, she didn't have a process to line up appointments profitably. Furthermore she didn't have her conversion process dialled in. Upon our first coaching call we dived deep into her offer, positioning and pitch to position her as the go to expert within her niche. This is where things started to take off in terms of revenue and appointments. The next 6 days were life changing for Isablla. She closed a total of 8 clients in a period of just 6 days and now has a predictable process in place to scale to over 6 figures a month in revenue.

Market: Coaching

Result: $12,000/ Week In 30 Days

Isabella Bedoya, Famehackers