Major League Profits- $0 To $120,000/ Month At 80% Net Margins

We Helped Eric From Major League Profits Go From $0 To $120,000  Month At 80% Net Margins In Just 2 Months By Crafting A Brand New Coaching Offer & Leveraging Organic Flywheels & Paid Advertising.

"The first month we spent about 8 thousand dollars on advertising and we did about 90 thousand dollars in revenue" - Eric Revis Michael

About Eric: When Eric initially came to work with the team at Expert Advisor Secrets, he was in a completely different lane running a marketing agency in the real estate niche. He was able to scale that to over 5 figures a month but there was a much better vehicle for him given his skill sets.  This is where everything changed for him... It was after consulting with Prab in the expert advising secrets launch program that Eric was introduced upon the idea of launching a brand new coaching offer in the sports card trading niche. He was able to package his skill sets and provide far more value to the world given he was already doing card trading.

It's not that his agency wasn’t successful but Eric’s skill sets were better applied in a vehicle where he worked with his dream clients. A vehicle that also allowed his clients to undergo life changing transformations. 

How We Did It…

Once the offer was validated and the economics made sense, Eric was set for scale. Eric ran our paid traffic and inside sales strategies alongside installing his organic flywheel. He did this using facebook group setting frameworks with automated outbound & nerve striking retargeting campaigns.The next 30 days were life changing for Eric and his team at Major League profits. He spent $8,000 on ads and made back over $90,000 in cash collected. To make this even better, Eric was hitting an 80% net margin even with paid advertising in the mix. This is unheard of in the online consulting space unless you have a serious backend offer in the play. It’s safe to say that Eric’s offer and messaging were laser striking & operations allowed for a hyper profitable business.

The reason this offer worked so well was because Eric used the exact same strategy that we used for our other consultancy in the real estate industry. The key was to position him as the only player, have a killer sales argument and apply the right sales strategy. In his case, business opportunity offers to a consumer market required different sales scripting processes. This allowed him for a perfect market to message match. Since Eric was positioned as the only expert in his particular niche of card trading, it was virtually guaranteed that Eric would be a 7 figure entrepreneur.Eric then transitioned to the scale program within EAS and built out a sales team and buy back time for himself. He now focuses on ensuring his business is hyper profitable each month by implementing organic and outbound strategies that are reserved for our premium clients.  

The Results: Within a period of 60 days Eric went from an entirely different business doing 6 figures a year to a 7 figure coaching company in the sports card niche. He’s a true example of someone who applied their skill sets into the right vehicle. He now does over $120,000/ month in revenue and runs at a 80%+ net margin and crushes paid traffic (despite what everyone says about facebook ads) and is now using our organic methodologies to scale his facebook group.

Market: Online Coach

Result: $0 To $120,000/ Month At 80% Net Margins

Eric Revis Michael, Major League Profits