- $0-$10,000/Mo In 30 Days

Dave, a real estate coach from Massachusetts, runs that helps other real estate professionals close more deals with his sales training.

State 1: Advertising a saturated offer. Knew he needed change immediately.
State 2:
Scaled to $10,000 per month within 30 days by repositioning and repackaging his offer.

Story: Dave came to us with a saturated and competitive offer. Despite his credibility in his market, he wasn't getting much traction. He knew he had to change something in order earn 5 figures a month consistently working from home. The demand for sales training is out there in the marketplace but he needed to seek professional help to attract new clients with predictability. After repositioning and repackaging his offer, Dave hit $10,000 in cash collected within 30 days. With a validated offer, Dave is now looking to scale with an outbound prospecting team and a high converting sales funnel. After this phase is completed, Dave will move on to install a sales team and ramp things up with paid advertising.He’s been able to do this all while working from the comfort of his home.

Market: Coaching

Result: $10,000 Month In 30 Days

Founder: Dave Newell,