ScaledAdvisor- $0 To $60,000/ Month At 50%+ Net Margins In 3 Months

We Helped Ramtin From ScaledAdvisor Go From $5,000/ Month To $60,000 Month At 50%+ Net Margins By Helping Him Install A Remote Commission Based Outbound Sales Team.

Background: Ramtin & his partner help financial advisors get clients online using their scaled advisor framework. They came to expert advisor secrets struggling to scale and acquire clients because it was difficult to crack outbound sales let alone building out a remote sales team.

The goal for Ramtin was to hit $100k/ Month in Revenue & build out an organic and outbound infrastructure to generate clients. The key was to help him build out a system that not only worked at scale but was hyper profitable.

The Process:

As a consultancy focused on outbound sales teams, organic marketing and inside setters/closers, our clients have similar problems before scaling. Using our data points from successful offers for other clients, we often help them restructure their pitch and business to sustain maximum scale and margin.

The second step in the process was to dial in a cold outbound prospecting. This was done by leveraging automated outbound methods that we use in house and teach our clients. This involved cold email at scale, text marketing, linked in and more.

The next thing was to dial in end to end sales with a B2B audience. A lot of “guru’s” only teach B2C sales which frankly do not perform for most B2B audiences which makes decisions differently. Ramtin had to define his sales script and workflow diagrams to align with his prospects. He also needed the process to be duplicatable so his sales team could adjust.

Ramtin quickly validated his offer and did 16k in sales within a week in the financial advisor niche. He’s now ramping up and building out a backend program to allow for maximum margins and scale using paid traffic. 

The Results: Ramtin went from $5,000/ month in the financial advisor industry and scaled to $60,000 a month in a matter of just 3 months using an outbound sales team. He’s now taking it to the next level using paid traffic. 

Market: Consulting

Result: $0 To $60,00/Month At 50% Net Margins In

Founder: Ramtin Mahdavian,