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Real Estate Revenue Accelerator- $0-$60,000/Mo in Profit 6 Months

When Sam first came to us, he was just starting his journey as a marketing agency. Like most agencies, he was struggling with dialing in his offer therefore competing with other players and getting commoditized. Furthermore, his sales process was not defined and close rates were low. On top on of all this, Sam was working in a 1 to 1 setting with his clients which capped him at 10-12 clients max and a boatload of stress. From a client acquisition standpoint, Sam struggled with cracking paid advertising which was rising in costs due to rising CPM’s. After working with our team to reposition his offer and business to a real estate marketing consultancy, this allowed him to put his business in a place with very little operational complexity. Not only was this less stressful but it also allowed Sam to test different offers on the fly and not have to rework the entire back-end of his business. A lot of folks in this space struggle with margins on the front end. Although a business should not aim to have their front end as the only profit source, it does help with sanity. This is where Sam used our outbound sales methodology and built an outbound sales team which took his business to $60k/ month in profit. Now 60k/ month in profit is a lot for a business that allows the founder to travel many months of the year and live as a digital nomad but this wasn’t enough for Sam. How would that feel? Imagine making $60k/ month in profit and having it set up in a way where it allows you to do what you want to do on your terms? Now Sam continues to be in touch with us as a 1 on 1 private client... He’s now in the process of building the business to a point of “passive income” by completely delegating himself. He’s hiring CSM’s, sales team members and managers to build a true lifestyle business that spits out cash.

On our last weekly call together (recording above), Sam mentions he’s at $120,000 a month and basically almost removed completely from his business. He intends on scaling to multiple 6 figures a month with his program and doing so while remaining hyper profitable 70% profit margins. 

How Did We Actually Do It?

We had to build out a client acquisition system that allowed for a hyper profitable business. Paid ads was something that we decided to hold off on as paid ads work better when you have some form of a backend offer in place. Since Sam was essentially in the same niche as ours (real estate), we installed all the systems he needed to get appointments coming in from organic and outbound marketing. He continues to use our organic facebook group strategy in conjunction with our outbound methods to book appointments at very low marketing costs. Outbound can seem like a slow burn in the beginning and can require a ton of testing so it took some time to get the flow coming in however with some tweaks to sales messaging and adding in tools like retargeting, Sam was able to crush. 

Sam went from a brand new agency owner
to a million dollar real estate marketing consultancy. Within just a few months he has a business that is enroute to spitting out a million dollars a year in net profit. This is all while being able to travel the world and enjoy life. 

Niche: Real Estate Marketing Consultancy

Result: $0 - $60k/mo 6 Months

Founder: Sam Spijkerman,
Realtor Revenue Accelerator

Major League Profits- $0 $120,000/Mo In 2 Months

About Eric: When Eric initially came to work with the team at Expert Advisor Secrets, he was in a completely different lane running a marketing agency in the real estate niche. He was able to scale that to over 5 figures a month but there was a much better vehicle for him given his skill sets.  This is where everything changed for him... It was after consulting with Prab in the expert advising secrets launch program that Eric was introduced upon the idea of launching a brand new coaching offer in the sports card trading niche. He was able to package his skill sets and provide far more value to the world given he was already doing card trading.

It's not that his agency wasn’t successful but Eric’s skill sets were better applied in a vehicle where he worked with his dream clients. A vehicle that also allowed his clients to undergo life changing transformations. 

How We Did It…

Once the offer was validated and the economics made sense, Eric was set for scale. Eric ran our paid traffic and inside sales strategies alongside installing his organic flywheel. He did this using facebook group setting frameworks with automated outbound & nerve striking retargeting campaigns.The next 30 days were life changing for Eric and his team at Major League profits. He spent $8,000 on ads and made back over $90,000 in cash collected. To make this even better, Eric was hitting an 80% net margin even with paid advertising in the mix. This is unheard of in the online consulting space unless you have a serious backend offer in the play. It’s safe to say that Eric’s offer and messaging were laser striking & operations allowed for a hyper profitable business.

The reason this offer worked so well was because Eric used the exact same strategy that we used for our other consultancy in the real estate industry. The key was to position him as the only player, have a killer sales argument and apply the right sales strategy. In his case, business opportunity offers to a consumer market required different sales scripting processes. This allowed him for a perfect market to message match. Since Eric was positioned as the only expert in his particular niche of card trading, it was virtually guaranteed that Eric would be a 7 figure entrepreneur.Eric then transitioned to the scale program within EAS and built out a sales team and buy back time for himself. He now focuses on ensuring his business is hyper profitable each month by implementing organic and outbound strategies that are reserved for our premium clients. 

The Results: Within a period of 60 days Eric went from an entirely different business doing 6 figures a year to a 7 figure coaching company in the sports card niche. He’s a true example of someone who applied their skill sets into the right vehicle. He now does over $120,000/ month in revenue and runs at a 80%+ net margin and crushes paid traffic (despite what everyone says about facebook ads) and is now using our organic methodologies to scale his facebook group. 

Niche: Coaching

Result: $0-$120k/mo 60 Days

Eric Revis Michael

Courtier Millionaire - $0-$120,000/Mo 10 Months

Background: William came in as a marketing agency owner struggling to generate clients because he would get the same old “I’ve heard this many times and I’m not interested” answer from his prospects. He was also reaching out to everyone who had a pulse and not attracting his dream clients.

The goal for William was to cross $100k/ Month in Revenue & Sustain 50%+ Net margins using a a better real estate marketing consultancy model. This of course is our specialty so we set forth on building out his step by step action plan. 

The Process:

As a consultancy focused on outbound sales teams, organic marketing and inside setters/closers, our clients have similar problems before scaling. Using our data points from successful offers for other clients, we often help them restructure their pitch and business to sustain maximum scale and margin. The first thing William leveraged was the expert advisor frameshift which transformed his done with you service into a leveraged marketing consultancy model (DFY marketing campaign but everything else consulting). This allowed for William to serve his market with what they wanted but also operate without much complexity. It also removed the pressure his clients put on him for results despite the fact that many of the clients actually are the problem. This is a very common problem for a lot of folks in the marketing agency space. This was actually the same approach we had already used for our own agency and our other marketing agency clients so it was a no brainer. The best part is that the clients end up getting better results in a consulting/ done with you model as opposed to a pure done for you.

The second step in the process was to dial in a niche which was bound to a geographic region. His offer would work anywhere across North America but by niching down in a particular geographic region (province of Canada), William was able to become one of the only options in his market.

That being said, we prefer that our clients are the only option and not “one of the only” so we helped William craft a sales argument which positioned him as the only person dedicated to solving a very particular problem. On top of this, his client avatar was affluent and not struggling with capital.

The next thing was to dial in outbound sales using automated outbound and end to end outbound methods. Once validated, William could replace himself with outbound sales representatives that would do the heavy lifting. With rising advertising costs and low margins for a lot of coaches, consultants and agency owners William knew that he needed to crack outbound. Within days he landed his first high ticket client whom he’s been working with on a profit share basis for some time now. Alongside this client, William serves a smaller group of a dozen or so clients across his province of Quebec, Canada and crushes it. 

The Results: William is running a hyper profitable real estate marketing consultancy program in the real estate niche doing 50%+ net margins using an outbound sales team. He intends on accumulating cash and scaling to 7 figures/ month.

Niche: Real Estate Marketing Consultancy

Result: $0 - $120k/mo 10 Months

Founder: William Fontaine

Famehackers - $12,000/ Week In 30 Days

Isabella is a music business consultant that came to us struggling to get clients for her consultancy. She needed to have a predictable method of generating appointments and closing deals so she could scale.

State 1:
Sales process undefined. No clear offer in place. Market- message match not resonating with audience.

State 2:
Offer restructured, outbound and organic methods installed and sales process dialled in. 12k in cash collected within first month.


Isabella came to us after hearing about our story through our open facebook group. Like most coaches and agencies, she didn't have a process to line up appointments profitably. Furthermore she didn't have her conversion process dialled in. Upon our first coaching call we dived deep into her offer, positioning and pitch to position her as the go to expert within her niche. This is where things started to take off in terms of revenue and appointments. The next 6 days were life changing for Isablla. She closed a total of 8 clients in a period of just 6 days and now has a predictable process in place to scale to over 6 figures a month in revenue.

Market: Coaching

Result: $0 - $12k/week In 30 Days  

Founder: Isabella Bedoya

Vicolize - $5,000/Mo-$20,000/Mo In 30 Days

Vico runs vicolize, a real estate marketing consultancy helping real estate professionals in Australia. Vico came in currently running a marketing agency helping real estate agents & brokers and more industries locally. He needed a predictable framework to generate appointments and close clients for his real estate marketing consultancy.

State 1:
Struggled with packaging his offer that resonated with the market. Messaging was off.
State 2:
Scaled from $5000 per month to $20,000 per month within 30 days.


Vico approached us after seeing the success we were having with our real estate marketing consultancy. He mentioned how he kept seeing our retargeting ads for 2 years in a row which prompted him to reach out to us. Vico was already doing about $5,000 per month before working with us but had trouble positioning it in a way that it would be able to cut through the noise. Instead of figuring it out on his own, he partnered with us where we helped diagnose a bottleneck that would have otherwise costed him $27,200 and counting. We helped him reposition his offer and increase his price to $6,800 per unit. We helped him go from $5k per month to now doing $20k per month. 

Niche: Real Estate Marketing Consultancy

Result: $5k - $20k/mo 30 Days

Founder: Vico Khang - $0-$10,000/Mo 30 Days

Dave owns, a real estate marketing consultancy that helps other real estate professionals close more deals with his sales training and marketing consulting.

State 1: Advertising a saturated offer. Knew he needed change immediately.
State 2:
Scaled to $10,000 per month within 30 days by repositioning and repackaging his offer.


Dave came to us with a saturated and competitive offer. Despite his credibility in his market, he wasn't getting much traction. He knew he had to change something in order earn 5 figures a month consistently working from home. The demand for sales training is out there in the marketplace but he needed to seek professional help to attract new clients with predictability. After repositioning and repackaging his offer, Dave hit $10,000 in cash collected within 30 days. With a validated offer, Dave is now looking to scale with an outbound prospecting team and a high converting sales funnel. After this phase is completed, Dave will move on to install a sales team and ramp things up with paid advertising.

He’s been able to do this all while working from the comfort of his home.

Niche: Real Estate Marketing Consultancy

Result: $0-$10k/mo 30 Days

Founder: Dave Newell

P.R.E.B - $0-$12,000/Mo in Profit 4 Months

Clint Liang owns P.R.E.B, a real estate marketing consultancy servicing real estate professionals double their income within 90 days.

State 1:
Had no clear offer with a clear value proposition. Struggling to get clients. Sales process was not aligned to prospects desires.
State 2:
Took a brand new offer to $12,000 per month in profit within 4 months.


Clint came in as a marketing agency helping real estate agents double their commissions within 90 days. After advising him on the roadmap, we recommended that Clint turn his marketing agency into an real estate marketing consultancy model. Clint, who is not a licensed agent, felt as if he wasn’t good enough and suffered with imposter syndrome. He believed that he wouldn’t be able to consult agents since he hasn’t really "done it himself". He lacked confidence and belief in himself despite possessing skill sets. He did however understand the benefit of helping the client with the sales process as opposed to just leads. It was an epiphany moment because he realized he doesn’t need to be a top producing real estate agent or featured in Forbes to be able to consult in his real estate marketing consultancy. He has a specific skill set which is now earning him $12,000 per month in profit. Clint is very grateful for the time he's able to spend with his wife & family because of his consultancy.

Niche: Real Estate Marketing Consultancy

Result: $0-$12k/mo in Profit 4 Months

Founder: Clint Liang

Real Estate Connect- $0-$10,000/Mo 3 Months

Jesse is a real estate agent who is currently helping other real estate agents on growing their business online using his own real estate marketing consultancy. He's also using his consultancy to build his downline at his brokerage which is a prime example of one of the many use cases of becoming a coach.

State 1:
Very busy with his real estate business. Very inconsistent with his consultancy. No accountability towards income producing activities.
State 2:
Took a brand new offer to $10,000 per month in profit within 3 months.

Jesse approached us as a very busy real estate agent who found it very difficult to make time to build and scale a real estate marketing consultancy. He understood the potential and impact a real estate marketing consultancy can have on his business/income but he never found the "perfect time". He found himself putting 7 days a week in his real estate business and had to convince himself to take action. He eventually joined our program and is now making a great profit on the frontend and as a bonus, building his downline with his real estate brokerage. He’s actively selling real estate and running his consultancy on the side helping other realtors. In the beginning it was difficult which is the case with doing anything new but he’s currently finding a good balance between the two. He’s doing about $10k per month and working with his dream clients.

Niche: Real Estate Marketing Consultancy

Result: $0-$10k/mo 3 Months

Founder: Jesse Rayski

Social Agent Blueprint- $0-$15,000/Mo In 30 Days

John Lee is a rockstar real estate agent in Vancouver with a Youtube channel amassing 11,000 subscribers. He also runs a Podcast that interviews some of the biggest names in business such as Thach Nguyen, Ed Mylett and David Meltzer.

State 1: No knowledge around starting up a real estate marketing consultancy.
State 2:
Took a brand new REMC to $15,000 per month within just 30 days.

John who is a rockstar agent in Vancouver with a 11,000 subscriber count Youtube channel and a podcast that’s been featured nationally. He approached us with no knowledge around starting an online real estate marketing consultancy because he knew his income could skyrocket by applying his skillsets in the online consulting vehicle. He kept putting his REMC on the back burner but jumped into creating his entire program and infrastructure when he realized he needed to level up. Each day he didn't take action towards launching his program, agents were paying others. After realizing it was costing him too much to not scale his new REMC, he went to work and aggressively scaled. He made $15,000 and spoke with dozens of agents who also want to join to his real estate team within the first 30 days of launching. It just shows the many use cases of operating a real estate marketing consultancy. He is also an active real estate investor with several airbnb's and with the recent success of his coaching program helping realtors, he's thinking about getting into airbnb consulting as well.

Niche: Real Estate Marketing Consultancy

Result: $0-$15k/mo 30 Days

Founder: John Lee

Scaled Advisor - $5,000 to $100,000/Mo In 60 Days

Ramtin & his partner help financial advisors get clients online using their scaled advisor framework. They came to expert advisor secrets struggling to scale and acquire clients because it was difficult to crack outbound sales let alone building out a remote sales team

State 1:
$5,000/ Month. Struggling to establish a valid client acquisition framework using outbound sales and organic marketing.
State 2:
$60,000/ Month With Outbound Sales Team & Organic. Now Ramping With Paid Ads.

As a consultancy focused on outbound sales teams, organic marketing and inside setters/closers, our clients have similar problems before scaling. Using our data points from successful offers for other clients, we often help them restructure their pitch and business to sustain maximum scale and margin.

The second step in the process was to dial in a cold outbound prospecting. This was done by leveraging automated outbound methods that we use in house and teach our clients. This involved cold email at scale, text marketing, linked in and more.

The next thing was to dial in end to end sales with a B2B audience. A lot of “guru’s” only teach B2C sales which frankly do not perform for most B2B audiences which makes decisions differently. Ramtin had to define his sales script and workflow diagrams to align with his prospects. He also needed the process to be duplicatable so his sales team could adjust.

Ramtin quickly validated his offer and did 16k in sales within a week in the financial advisor niche. He’s now ramping up and building out a backend program to allow for maximum margins and scale using paid traffic. They're currently at 100k/month.

Niche: Consulting

Result: $5k-$100k/mo In 30 Days

Ramtin Mahdavian & Jay Mansour,

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